Benefits of Video

Videography is one of the most powerful and cost effective tools in the courtroom. Expert witnesses are often cost prohibitive to call for live testimony, but with the McGregor Group you can still display the power of an expert for the judge and jury. Read More

Courtroom Services

The McGregor Group understands the importance of visuals to help win your case. That’s why we tailor our services to meet your exact needs. We deliver the tools you need to give you a winning edge. Read More

Trial Technologies

We understand the importance of trial technology and visuals to help win your case —and we’ve taken the guesswork out of them. Our team delivers the tools you need to give you that extra edge, and we provide proven, successful options for every situation. Read More

Videography and Recorded Depositions

A video deposition is one of the most important pieces of evidence that a jury will review. Rather than asking jurors to listen as you read a transcript, let them engage in a video. The adage “seeing is believing” has never meant more. Read More